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Plano 1-Tray Tackle Box with Dual Top Access, Red Metallic/Off White


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The South Bend Ready To Fish 62-Piece 1 Tray Tackle Box is the perfect tool for people who love to go on fishing expedition. The ready to fish tackle box has 62 different pieces that are vital to be carried to your fishing trip. It includes a float, split shot, jig heads, twin tail grubs, marabou jigs, poly stringer, curl tail grubs and hooks that can make your adventure more successful. The fishing tackle box allow you to keep all your fishing gear more organized and accessible.

The Flambeau 1 Tray Tackle Box is your one stop, easy-to-carry tackle box for your next fishing adventure. 1 Tray with 12 compartments all together will give you loads of space to stash all your tackle needs with an extra space at the bottom to store bulky items like reels. Other features include a tough design, one big boss latch, a built in ruler and knot guide and it’s manufactored out of recycled materials so you can be happy you’re not harming the environment.

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The Flambeau 1 Tray Tackle Box features a Drawtite latch, Tip-Guard try supports and all-weather, worm-proof materials. Tongue-and-groove construction between lid and base yields water-resistant design and precision fit, and the box includes removeable dividers for enhanced storage capabilities. Varied tray depth allows for greater capacity options among the 12 compartments.

1 Tray Tackle Box* Removable organiser tray
* Contoured heavy duty carry handle
* Non rusting hinges and closing tab
* Extra strong polypropylene construction
* 25cm fish rule on top of lidBox Dimensions: 290 x