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Fishing for Bluefish (A complete Guide to Catching Bluefish From Boats and Surf, Plus Tips On Tackle, Baits, Lures and Techniques)

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This is a fairly expensive bait to use for Bluefish, but when targeting fish when you need a larger bait, these have the same brightly reflective skirts as do the Steel Head, combined with a PVC skirt and they have a head that will create a "smoke" trail that is polished Chrome. This bait will survive many Bluefish attacts and attract the strikes.

Whatever the method, keep in mind this thought: Bluefish attack bait fish that are fleeing in panic and this action should be imitated. Sometimes the fly should be retrieved quickly upon hitting the water or sometimes allowing it to sink before beginning the retrieve. Repeated casts to the same area may be required to raise the interest of the bluefish.

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And it wasn’t a surprise to me, the video was amazing. The guy had multiple cameras going (one on his head, one on his rod, one underwater, etc) and created a one-of-a-kind surf-fishing video called “When Bluefish Attack” (.

When blues are actively feeding they’ll eagerly hit almost any lure. They especially like lures with a lot of flash. In 1993 a woman who was swimming at a New Jersey Beach had both her ears bitten off when a bluefish attacked her silver ear rings. Once hooked, they’re known for strong runs and acrobatic leaps that can make landing them on light tackle very