This is a huge amount of carp fishing tackle for such a low price.

JSHANMEI ® Carp Fishing Tackle Kit with Swivels/Hooks/Sleeves/Rubbers Tubes/Lead Clips/Beads/Hair Rigs/Hair Extender Stoppers Set (225pcs/box)



I do think that the carp fishing market has become more of a fashion market new comers to the sport seem to think that they cannot catch carp if they do not own all the top branded carp tackle.

Carp fishing is not an exact science every carp water and the carp they contain will be different and and will present you with different problems. Before going out and buying any carp fishing tackle first get an idea of the lakes that you will be fishing. The best carp fishing tackle will be the tackle most suited to the carp water you are fishing. For a small water with no snags you will not need 3.5lb TC rods and big pit reels, likewise if you are going to be fishing the big pits you will need heftier rods and reels capable of casting long distances. You can of course use the lighter gear and fish closer in but if the carp are showing at distances of 100yds and over you will need more specialist carp rods and reels.

FOX Carp Fishing Tackle - Fox International Group Ltd

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    294pcs/box Carp Fishing Tackle Set Include 8340 Wide Gape Carp Hook 2#10pcs 4#10pcs 6#10pcs. 3pcs 2 Meter Carp Fishing Silicone Rigs Shrink Tube Sleeve. Perfect accessories for carp fishing. Tail Rubb...
  • Carp Tackle, Dartford, United Kingdom

    If you are a carp fisherman on a budget, then either buying a set of used carp fishing tackle, or a set of cheap carp fishing tackle is a great idea.

    Wow what a day I just had. I got down to Town Lake for first light, this was going to be the time I tried out my new found knowledge I learnt from English Andrew. After our trip last Wednesday I got home and ordered a more powerful rod (12' Nash Venom 3.5lb test curve), some method feeders, some Buckeye Blend groundbait (from wacker baits), 12 kgs hemp seed and a ton more Carp Fishing gear. I want to point out last week I was saying to Andrew I have NEVER been snapped off by a fish on Town Lake. However I tried to order some 30lb Power Pro online to replace my 12lb monfilament (as the diameter is thinner on the power pro but the 12lb line is more sporting.) but Big Carp Tackle were out of stock, so I went to Amazon and ordered some there but it didn't qualify for Prime shipping hence I didn't get it in time for todays trip.