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3. The size and function of your tackle box should largely depend on your intended use. Tournament fishermen need to have quick access to different lures and a fairly light box. The same goes for shore fishermen; they have to carry their tackle box to the shore, so it would make sense to consider weight when purchasing a new tackle box. On the other hand, many fishermen use the same boat and prefer to store their tackle box on board. In this case, they can afford to have a bit more weight in exchange for extra storage or waterproofing features.

Fisherman often carry tackle boxes containing lures, weights, hooks and other paraphernalia for fishing in streams, rivers, ponds and the like. It is also usual for a fisherman to manually carry two or more fishing rods along with a tackle box. Manual transportation of these items and other fishing equipment is often inconvenient and burdensome since both hands are occupied during the transportation process. Thus when walking through woods or over uneven terrain a free hand is not available to brush tree limbs aside or to grasp natural objects for balance and stability if needed. Once a fisherman arrives at a desired location along a stream or a pond, there is usually no suitable spot for unloading the fishing rods and other gear in an organized manner, causing such to be scattered about, and making retrieval and use difficult.

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Pretty certain that a tackle box would have to be a checked baggage item. I had to put some crankbaits in my checked baggage a few years ago as they were not allowed in my carry on baggage unless I removed and threw away the hooks.

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