A video showing mini rugby players how to double tackle

Plano Double Sided Tackle Box


Double X Tackle, Berthoud, Colorado

One way is the double tackle. The first tackler goes low to ensure the ball-carrier is brought to the ground. The second tackler can go higher to wrap up the ball and prevent the attacker from passing to a team-mate.

Note that the gun tackle, double tackle and threefold purchase all have the same number of pulleys in both blocks (one, two and three, respectively) whereas the Luff tackle and Gyn tackle have mis-matched blocks with differing numbers of pulleys.

Aaron Donald Double Tackle vs Duke | Did You See That

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Double Tackle: 4; Gyn Tackle: 5; Threefold purchase: 6; ..

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Ideal mechanical advantage correlates directly with . The velocity ratio of a tackle is the ratio between the velocity of the hauling line to that of the hauled load. A line with a mechanical advantage of 4 has a velocity ratio of 4:1. In other words, to raise a load at 1 metre per second, the hauling part of the rope must be pulled at 4 metres per second. Therefore, the mechanical advantage of a double tackle is 4.