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In conclusion, the fishing tackle organizer of the present invention provides an answer to traditional problems and inconveniences associated with spinner and snell fishing. The present invention provides a visible and orderly display of spinners and snells, and permits easy removal and replacement of the spinners and snells. With the present invention, spinners and snells are no longer ruined and thrown away because they have become tangled or otherwise damaged in a tackle box. Because of the multiple plates that are used and the resilient spring connection to the lures, nearly all common lengths of lures are easily accommodated.

Fishing tackle gear organization on the water insures a more productive and less frustrating day of fishing. However, organization at home also provides for more efficient, less hectic pre-trip preparation. It also goes a long way to insure you take what bass fishing gear you really will need. Plus, it’s an enjoyable part of bass fishing.

This 30" tackle organizer stows hooks/lures, tools, drinks & more

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    Fishing tackle organizer 10 is mounted to the inner side walls of boat 10 by a pair of spaced apart brackets 28 and 30. Brackets 28 and 30 are attached to the side walls of boat 12 by suitable fasteners, such as bolts 32 and nuts 34.

    FIGS. 1 and 2 show isometric views of fishing tackle organizer 10 of the present invention mounted in fishing boat 12. FIG. 1 shows fishing tackle organizer 10 with top cover 14 in its closed position, while FIG. 2 shows fishing tackle organizer 10 and top cover 14 in its open position. For simplicity of illustration, FIGS. 1 and 2 show only a single lure (spinner 16) being stored in fishing tackle organizer 10. Under normal conditions, of course, a plurality of lures would be mounted on fishing tackle organizer 10. As illustrated in FIGS. 1 and 2, spinner 16 includes a short length of flexible line 18 having an attachment loop 20 at one end, a hood 22 at its opposite end, and spoon 24 and beads 26 mounted on line 18. An angler often will have spinners and snells of varying lengths with different combinations of spoons, beads and other fish-attracting devices mounted on the line.