Durable Tackling Dummy for Football, Kickboxing, and More

Goalrilla Tackling Dummy


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When you are finished using your football tackle bags they are easy to keep clean as they are made with very tough rip stop vinyl that you can just sponge down with warm water, detergent and a little disinfectant and wipe dry so they will be right to go again for the next tackle bag workout.

The football tackle bags are made with a cylindrical piece of foam that has a flat foam bottom so you can stand the tackle bag upright by itself on a flat surface. But most often you have a coach or another player holding the tackle bag so it can be easily and quickly stood up again for the next tackle. This allows a couple of players to use the one tackle bag continuously in fast motion so everyone has a go.

An innovative moving tackling system.

  • Football Tackle Bags
  • but not the heaviest bags that there are.

    There are various sizes with football tackle bags available at Universal Self Defence to suit the size of the players. Mini 3ft, Mod 4ft and Senior 5ft. Whilst the Senior size is designed for adults, teenagers can tackle them too. So if you want your child to be able to use their tackle for several years it is better to purchase a bigger size than the minimum size that they currently need.