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This program is an extension of the 8-Man program that takes football to the next level. 11-Man Tackle is designed to teach competition in a fast-paced environment. Scores are kept for every game, standings are updated weekly, and each team has an opportunity to qualify for the playoffs after the regular season. The goal of the program is to extend the learning of the player and teach competitiveness, while still emphasizing sportsmanship and having fun.

The counter argument would be that while many tackles these days are being unfairly penalised, the aim is to minimise the chances of one occuring that could ultimately be life changing.

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YSF introduced 8-man tackle football in 2013 to allow towns who did not have enough players for a regular football team to play football. These towns’ varsity programs play 8-man football as well, and the youth programs utilize the varsity’s plays.

Pellegrini was playing with fire by selecting Demichelis to mark Messi tonight, and the most predictable outcome eventually happened: the hapless defender got sent off for a last man tackle on Messi.