Ross Gordon, founder, Mystery Tackle Box

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Mystery Tackle Box Review: VMC Swinging Rugby Jig 3/4 Oz.

When you purchase this item you will earn free store credit that will be applied to your next purchase or your Mystery Tackle Box subscription as well as box add-ons and upgrades.

When I first registered for the Mystery Tackle Box with their super duper promo, I hadn’t intended to continue the service after the first month. However, after receiving the first box, I was impressed enough to give it another month, even at full price. I was not disappointed.

The Urban Sportsman: November Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing

Mystery Tackle Box Subscription - Pick Your Species

If you haven’t heard of Mystery Tackle Box before, they are one of the main trailblazers in the business of sending out fishing tackle in the mail to anglers via a monthly subscription service.

The first Mystery Tackle Box was good, but didn’t get me terribly excited. That’s mainly because I’m mostly a finesse fisherman. I liked the hooks and Rage Tail, but I only use spinnerbaits and buzzbaits on occasion and rarely pick up a hard crankbait. Don’t get me wrong. What was delivered to me were good products, but half were just not what I typically use.