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Later in the spring, when water temperatures begin to approach 50 degrees or more, pike fishing tactics revert back to the typical dawn/dusk fishing patterns, and during rainy and/or overcast conditions. Later still, when the weed-filled backwaters become too warm for the pike, it’s time to focus on the main river. During the warm-weather months, keep an eye out for confluences where a brook or spring empties into the river, where water temperatures remain cooler. Also look for and target weed lines, downed logs, stumps, sand humps, islands of vegetation and other natural structure, which serve as hiding areas and provide shade from the bright summer sun. When working along weed lines, try to align your boat so that you can cast horizontally along the entire edge of the weed line. This tactic allows you to retrieve your lure along its length thoroughly, thus covering more ambush areas efficiently.

Rapala took the fishing world by storm when they introduced the X-Rap line of lures. The 4 3/4 inch XR12 lure in clown pattern should be in every pike fishermans tacklebox. What makes them so great? They cast far, the can be retrieved at any speed or twitched to create an irresistible swimming action. These lures can be extremely effective when pike are lazy. Simply pause your retrieve and allow the X-Rap to suspend. This action will often bring pike in close and they’ll inhale the lure once you start your retrieve again.

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Pike make use of the system to follow the produced by the perceived prey, and the whirling movement of the is probably a good way to imitate or exaggerate these. are also effective and can produce spectacular bites with pike attacking these erratic-moving lures at full speed. For trolling, big or can be used. with mirror finishes are very effective when the sun is at a sharp angle to the water in the mornings or evenings because they generate the vibrations previously discussed and cause a glint of reflective sunlight that mimics the flash of white-bellied prey. Most fishermen tend to use small lures, but often that is not advisable because pike have a preference for large prey. When fishing in shallow water for smaller pike, lighter and smaller lures are frequently used. The humble 'woolly bugger' fly is a favourite lure among keen fly fisherman of the southern hemisphere.

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