Machado punch and tackle Ventura in the ground!

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A Crash Course in Punching for Big Bass - Wired2fish - Scout

Punching tackle includes a slip sinker weighing between one and two ounces and pegged on the line; a specially-designed punching skirt that slides on the line and helps camouflage the lure; a straight shank 5/0 hook, and a large soft plastic bait, like a worm or creature bait, rigged Texas style. It’s a bulky package and pros like Lintner use long, medium-heavy action rods and 65-pound test braided line to fish it.

Amazingly, it comes in the form of a new way to stop opponents - the punch tackle. Thomas debuted the move on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons and their very unlucky running back, Devonta Freeman. Scroll down to see the clip.

A Crash Course in Punching for Big Bass

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  • Earl Thomas tackled a Falcons player by punching him in the face NFL

    This is officially the greatest tackle in the history of football. Sorry, . Sorry, . Sorry, . Those were all great efforts, but you’re not beating the punch tackle.