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Steellabels - "Mechanics Lot" Plus, for Professional & Home Mechanics. Combo Pack includes Magnetic Toolbox Labels, Presidential Master Set, Circuit Breakers, Tackle ID, Universal Assembly Decals


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[…] Take time to separate items into categories such as charms, tools, etc. Then put the like items together into bins or cheap plastic drawers. If not, empty soup cans, glass jars, and such items can be used as containers for small trinkets. You can even separate items and put them into different fishing tackle boxes and label them. If you want more ideas on how to better organize your jewelry supplies, click here:: 4 Inspirational Ideas for Jewelry-Making Storage […]

Tackle Box Labels. Durable “easy read” waterproof vinyl labels. When it comes to fishing you can never be too organized. “Organize your tackle box today – quick and easy.

Tackle Box Labels: “Improved” Original Edition

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  • Craft Labels (6)
  • ** NEW** Theme Labels (30)
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  • Miscl. Deals (26)
  • Magnetic Toolbox White Letters (11)
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Tackle Box Labels; Luck E Strike U.S.A

Built specifically for bass anglers, the Tackle Box Labels provide a straightforward and easy way to keep all of your tackle identifiable and ready-to-fish. Included with 96-labels (64 stowaway labels plus 32 line size labels), the Tackle Box Labels allow you to cleanly and properly mark your storage.

Printed with commonly used fishing terminology, like “Glidebaits” and “Jigs,” the Tackle Box Labels provide quick recognition for specific techniques. Additionally, the 32-line labels are perfect for remembering the size of the line you have on your set-up. A must-have for the organized angler, the Tackle Box Labels ensure efficiency on the water.