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NFL New England Patriots Tackle Buddy


Wholesale Tackle Buddies/ Bop Bags - NFL Philadelphia Eagles

Tackle Buddy Soap is a 100% all natural soap designed to lather in salt water. Intended use for commerical fisherman, divers, campers, kayakers, wind surfers, boaters avid fishermen and homes with hard water. Most soaps do not lather in hard water or salt water due to the high levels of calcium and magnisum. These minerals affect regular soaps and their lathering effects. Tackle Buddy Soap has a Formula that includes 100% coconut oil that is known to moisture and condition skin while leaving you with a fresh, clean “tacky” free feeling after its generous lather. Tackle Buddy is 100% all natural handmade soap that is Ecofriendly.

Owner of Tackle Buddy Soap is your buddy. Rochelle was raised in Fairhaven Massachusetts. She has many years of experience in different fields and each of the them has helped her understand the importance of all natural products.

Wholesale Tackle Buddies/ Bop Bags - NFL New York Giants

  • Loads of fun and entertainment packed into this 24" wide and 40" tall bop bag
  • Chicago Bears inflatable Tackle Buddy
  • Made of durable vinyl
  • Sand weighted for bounce-back action

Wholesale Tackle Buddies/ Bop Bags - NFL New York Jets

The Patriots Tackle Buddy is an inflatable toy that little fans are sure to have hours of fun tackling! Designed in team colors, and with the famous Patriots logo, this inflatable is sand weighted for bounce back action, and stands 40" tall. Ages 3 and up.

The Tackle Buddy holds your spinners securely and without tangles so they are always ready to go. Made of special, heavy-duty rubber for strength, durability and hook-adhering capability.