FIG. 5 is a left side view of the combined seat and tackle container;

Plano 23600-01 Stowaway with Adjustable Dividers


Includes 2 StowAway tackle containers

Tackle container assembly 74, shown in FIG. 8, has no spacers and is mounted in direct contact with lower seat surface 18. Rear edge 76 is as close to the pedestal as is possible, and container front 78 protrudes somewhat to the left side of the pedestal seat, at a position where it will not interfere with the legs of the person on the seat.

FIGS. 7 and 8 illustrate two alternate embodiments of this invention, neither of which includes a slot. Tackle container assembly 70, shown in FIG. 7, includes spacer blocks 34 which allows tackle container assembly 70 to be spaced closely adjacent to the pedestal post (not shown). That is, spacer blocks 34 serve to locate the main portions of the tackle container assembly 70 at a level below the pedestal plate (not shown), such that assembly rear edge 72 can be close to the pedestal post.

Includes 6 StowAway tackle containers

  • Timeless outdoor look with modern organization

  • Compact footprint and 12 exterior pockets

  • Zipper-free main compartment for fast access

  • Includes 4 StowAway tackle containers

  • Shoulder strap and top handle for carrying

Includes 4 StowAway tackle containers

The containers of the tackle container assemblies of this invention may take a variety of forms. It is preferred that they have their own covers, as just described with respect to container 54. For example, containers 42 and 48 have covers 64 and 66, respectively. Each of such covers includes a hinge line 68 which is removed from the back upper edge of its respective container. This allows the cover to be lifted without completely removing the container from the pair of horizontal ledges which support it.

The spring engagement of leaf spring 80 with the front detent 92 serves to hold container 86 in full nested engagement with its upper principal member. And, when container 86 is slid outwardly, the engagement of leaf spring 80 with the rear detent will provide a resistance against further motion to remove container 86. However, such engagement will not prevent full removal, as previously described. A wide variety of locking mechanisms can be built into the tackle container assemblies of this invention if this feature is desired.