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I was very excited to read Tackled by Love, I have been impressed with Rachael Duncan since her release of The One Left Behind.
If you are familiar with The One Left Behind, rest easy knowing Tackled by Love is VERY different. Tackled by Love is an easy, low angst read.
Landon is in the prime of his football career when injury strikes sending him into early retirement. Landon quickly learns that his wife has completely depleted their bank account, and she walks out on him.
Still recovering, he moves back to his home town to heal and get his life back together. Landon is swoon worthy and sweet.

I fell in love with Tackled By Love. Rachel Duncan has done an amazing job writing this book. She incorporated actual issues that happen in everyday life. From athletes having career ending injuries, bullying, and women having self-esteem issues due to their weight. She has made an honest love story work.

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Tackled by Love by Rachael Duncan

I really loved Autumn, she has worked hard to overcome the insecurities she has since high school, but Landon’s interest in her leaves her suspicious of his intentions.
Overall, I really think Rachael’s writing is flawless and easy to enjoy. She creates characters in Tackled by Love that are easy to relate to and love. While I personally missed the angst and drama I have learned to love from this author Tackled by Love is a novel everyone can enjoy. I really look forward to reading more from Rachael Duncan I think we have only just begun to see what she is capable of.

4 starsTackled by Love was a great read for me. Mostly, because it deals with real life issues. Autumn McCray has lived in s small town her whole life. In high school she was overweight and picked on... a lot. This has made her a shy and self conscience adult. Although she has lost the weight, she still has trauma from when she was picked on. Landon Stone is a quarter back in the NFL. Now, he has gone from the top to the bottom. He suffers a career ending injury. That set off a chain of events, including his wife leaving him. He has come back home to his small town to be with family. Here he knows he will seek what it is he is looking for. Landon and Autumn and both went to the same high school., but had 2 very different experiences. Now, that Landon is home their paths seem to cross again. This time their are different people. Both have emotional baggage. It makes other person seems to be more understanding as to what they are going through. Like a yin to their yang. I really loved this book. I found it to be a breath of fresh air compared to all the other books I have read lately. It was a very original story. I loved the chemistry between Landon and Autumn. I can't wait to read what Rachael Duncan comes out with next !!! Let me just say ~ I Loved Landon, he really was a sweetheart! You'd expect he would have a big ego, but he was truly down-to-earth! Hated(yes that is strong.....but I did) Valerie, I guess we all knew someone like this in high school, but to not even care about your husband's well-being before you jump ship ~ hello!!! Someone needs to knock that *itch out!!! I had a heart for Autumn, no one should go through what she did, even though she had her issues she was truly a strong woman, who only became stronger with the love of a great man behind her!!! Thank you for a great story with no cliffhanger Rachael!