Teaching Tackling to High School Players

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The has expanded to include new Heads Up Tackle videos designed to help coaches build confidence in their players while teaching the sport’s fundamentals and introducing them to contact.

“Over 1,000 coaches have signed up to be notified when new content from Nike and Pete Carroll is delivered,” said Erik Pulverenti, who is in charge of business development for HUDL. He adds that coaches from more than 60 countries have watched the Seahawks Tackling video, which is also available .

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Heads Up Football Tackling Drills | STACK

Have you reviewed the recent Seahawks tackling video? Clearly rugby-insipred, it attempts to direct players to bring the shoulder to the thighs of the opponent, wrapping legs and driving forward or rolling to effect the tackle. It seems that this can be done with considerable force while leaving the head aside. It’s not explicitly presented as an alternative to heads-up, but since heads-up is awkward even in demonstration (and transfers some of the torque of impact to the neck!), it seems a natural alternative.

There’s no precise way to identify how many college teams are applying Carroll’s rugby-style tackling video or to what extent. Some teams use portions of the technique. Also, football tackles are like snowflakes -- no two are ever the same. Gary Darnell, executive associate director of the American Football Coaches Association, guessed that 35 percent of college teams use the technique. Duke defensive coordinator Jim Knowles estimated 50 percent.