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Tenkara is the Japanese style of fly fishing with a rod a line and a fly. There is no reel involved. This method is best suited to small rivers but excels where there are complex currents to fish over. The very light leader makes it idea for covering fish again and again without spooking them. A return to simplicity. Stick, string and bent pin.... that's Tenkara. We were the first UK company to manufacture and supply Tenkara fishing tackle. For more information on Tenkara please visit the "Information and FAQs" part of the shop from the left menu.

Esoteric Tackle was the FIRST UK company to bring Tenkara tackle to the UK. We are manufacturing rods to the very highest standards and recieving praise for the accuracy of their casting and quality of finish.

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"TENKARA-YA" offers fine Japanese Tenkara fishing tackles from Japan to the world. We also sell Tenkara tackles with recommendation of some famouse Japanese Tenakara masters.

Our commitment to you is to provide the highest performance tenkara tackle by ensuring our designs are based on authentic and proven principles of Japanese tenkara fishing. Those same principles are also found in the oldest tried and tested methods of Britain and Continental Europe.