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Trout on Ultralight Tackle By Jerry LaBella

I went on to say: "I disagree with the fly shop person on your reel selection, not about the manufacturer, but about the drag. Even my lightest reels have a silky smooth, readily adjustable drag system. You can't palm or match the smooth drag of a good reel with light tippets. Your reel's drag MUST be SMOOTH, readily adjustable, and let the line roll off effortlessly or it can overtax the tippet, and snap it off when a big fish surprises you. Most people in fly shops don't fish ultralight tackle, so they have no idea -- but they do have an opinion!

Fishing with ultralight tackle provides a challenge and even the smallest species put up an honorable fight when hooked on light line. With panfish making their first forays into the shallows after ice out and a new crop of stocked trout hitting local waters, spring is the perfect time to join other anglers enjoying this increasingly popular angling niche.

Ultralight Spinning Tackle Comes of Age | Field & Stream

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Ultralight Spinning Tackle Comes of Age

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Maybe I'm different, but I adjust my drag for varying conditions. I set my drag lighter at the end of a battle with a big fish to compensate for fraying tippet, or a hook that might have loosened up. That's why manufacturers make -- duh! For my money, I want to be able to adjust my reel's drag for changing conditions. I still fish my Bauer LM-1 and feel that it has a VERY good drag, but I am aware of the drag adjustment problem that can arise in the varying conditions of playing large fish on any fly tackle -- particularly on ultralight fly tackle. I suggest that you consider this information when buying fly reels.