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Wild River by CLC WT3604 Tackle Tek Nomad Lighted Backpack with Four PT3600 Trays


Wild River TACKLE TEK NOMAD XP - The Tackle Box

Wild River® Tackle TekTM Lure Cover. Say "no" to damaged and tangled lures. This Wild River Tackle Tek Lure Cover is the cure-all for protecting your lure from damage and entanglement with other lures. Constructed from heavy-duty fabric with a VELCRO® brand closure for secure transportation.

South Gate, CA (May 20th, 2013) - Wild River Tackle Tek™ adventure gear congratulates Sponsored Pro Angler Edwin Evers for his 1st place finish at the Sunday, May 12th. Evers 'performs to win' and with this victory, he is now guaranteed a spot in the February, 2014 Bassmater Classic.


                             Wild River Tackle Tek Adventure Gear

Wild River Tackle Bags - Star Marine Depot

This Wild River Tackle Tek Mission Tackle bag is compact, lightweight and highly versatile with an adjustable shoulder strap that easily converts to a waist belt. The removable, clip-on LED light with flexible neck allows for fishing with limited light. Plus, there's a ton of pockets for storage and the main compartment holds up to 5 plastic trays. Whether you have a long trek to your honey hole, or just like to walk the banks when fishing, this Mission Tackle Bag is sure to become your new best friend.

Wild Rivers Tackle Tek Solar Panel Charger is sold separately as an accessory for your Wild River USB Charging System. The Solar Panel will extend the capacity of your Wild River power supply for those prolonged adventures. When exposed to sunlight it will trickle charge to your power supply. The rugged design is weather-resistant with two mounting options.